Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Wonderful Costume and Textile Fair at Petworth House

Yesterday, my sister and I set off across Sussex for the Costume and Textile Fair held in the grounds of Petworth House. We had a marvellous day out, and saw lots of wonderful textiles and crafts on display and for sale. It was a real surprise and pleasure to bump into Linda Clift, selling her gorgeous French fabrics, tickings, paisley shawls and haberdashery etc! It was wonderful to meet her, I bought a really pretty panel of the sweetest vintage Romantic french Toile, with gorgeous gently faded vignettes of pastoral life at its prettiest!

Elizabeth Baer was also there, whose textiles I have admired for a long time, ever since I read an article about her in The World of Interiors magazine a few years ago when I was just staring out as a textile collector and dealer.
I was lucky enough to buy some beautiful antique French quilted panels, toiles, a block print and an Ikat piece, idigo dyed, but with the addition of pink too!

We enjoyed a stroll around the beautiful grounds, then went inside the House to stare in awe at the 300 or so Grand Master paintings housed there, Blakes, Gainsboroughs, Turners, Reynolds and so much more. It was a real feast for the eyes and soul, I would recommend a visit to anyone who finds themselves in the area! A wonderful day, in very good company, with near perfect weather and plenty of textiles, who could ask for more!


  1. Hi Lois

    I wish I'd known you were going. A friend of Niki and I was exhibiting her embroidered works at the Fair. You could have said you 'knew' us!!

    So pleased you met Linda - long before I was ever involved with Dairy House she was a dealer there! I'm not surprised you found something on her stall ...

    Shame you won't be able to come to the V&H Fair but you'll be able to see a glut of photos from everyone after the event!!!!

    Sue x

  2. I probably saw her, we spent hours strolling around, and enjoyed every stall! I shall look foward to next weeks photo-fest with a wee touch of envy! xx

  3. I read this and pretended I was walking along with you and your sister. Such a beautiful setting and such lovely textiles. What you find in England are such choice pieces, especially being so close to France. Truly, it must be a paradise of offerings every time you venture out. I am so glad I have found you and I can visit vicariously.

    I LOVE The World of Interiors! That magazine and Selvege are my two favorites and they are both published in England. (I guess you can tell where my heart is.) Do you recall what issue that was. I will be sending you an email tomorrow.

  4. It was indeed a very special day out! I have been hunting around all over the place here for the magazine, I know it is somewhere around, but I can't find it among all the piles of textiles and books! I think it was published in 2005 if that is any help. I shall look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Hi Lois,
    Haha...ditto what Sue just said! She got there first! ;-))

    I would have loved to have seen our friend's work - she has been toiling for months with her embroidery...

    Glad that you had such a lovely time - beautiful toile - love the cherub!
    Niki x

  6. You know me too well Niki, I can never resist toiles!

  7. Hi there it was so nice to meet you , it is such a good network is'nt it.
    do you think I could have a copy of the photograph as I don't oftrn have one of myself ! at least one that I don't cringe at!

  8. Hi Linda, I hope you are well, I feel the same about pics of me... It is a lovely shot, I will send it to you today!