Friday, 29 May 2009

Roses and Toile

I am trying desparately, and failing miserably to sort out my stockroom, as I am over-run with fabric and textiles yet again! I am sorting through the piles and cupboards, and have listed some small, damaged quilt panels, some ticking pieces and some tiny pieces of toile on ebay this week. I will hope to sort out some pretty patchwork packs soon if I get time. I am trying to get a bit more organised, as I would like to set up my own website in the near future. Sue (Vintage to Victorian) has been kind enough to give me some advice, so I shall be mulling it over this weekend. Here is a sample of some of the small project pieces I will be offering for sale, more to come over the next few days as I try to stop the textiles from completely over-taking the place, but I fear its already too late...


  1. I must venture over to see what you have for sale. That would be great if you had your own website and then you would sell primarily from there? I love all these pieces, and I am assuming you are packaging up some smaller ones for sale on these posted. I will take a look right now!

  2. I will probably still keep up with my ebay shop, as a website would attract much less traffic and custom, but I would enjoy working under my own steam, so to speak! Watch this space...