Thursday, 21 May 2009

Documented Toile de Nantes 'Le Draperie' c1795

This is a piece of beautiful Toile de Nantes in the Chinoiserie style called 'La Draperie' or 'The Drapery' after the beautifully depicted draped cloths and flags in the design. It dates to around 1795, and is documented in the book: 'Toile de Jouy, Printed Textiles in the Classic French Style' by Riffel, rouart & Walter, see last 2 photos. A piece is held in the Musee de la Toile De Jouy near Paris. I am selling this in my ebay shop this evening, a real wrench, but I bought a large batch of expensive toiles a while ago, and need to sell some in order to justify keeping others for myself... An impossible decision, but I have to pay the bills...

This panel looks like one of the side panels from a set of quilted bed curtains and pelmets. It has little cotton ties sewn to both long edges, presumably to close the curtains, either against the cold, or for privacy. This toile is monochrome printed in deep pinkish-red on white linen, and backed with linen also, giving it a good weight and feel. The wonderfully evocative and exotic design was probably taken purely from the designer's imagination of what it was like in China. I love the strange little insect with its little face! The flowers are very beautiful, much more sophisticated and traditional than the exotic vignettes, perhaps the designer was more comfortable with traditional flowers than with the then fashionable Chinoiserie style!


  1. I would give anything to buy this piece, but it is probably beyond my budget. It must be had to part with this. Chinoiserie designs are my all time favorite. Isn't the color beautiful. What a pleasure to see such a beauty.

  2. It is a real beauty! I am glad to be able to share it with you. Email me for details, you never know! xx