Sunday, 8 February 2009

A mad impulse buy, 11 antique or vintage Hat Blocks...

Sometimes I think I must be a little bit insane. Other times, I put it down to eccentricity when I'm feeling more positive! Take yesterday, why couldn't I resist an extremely cumbersome batch of 11 antique & vintage hat blocks?
They are rather lovely, very sculptural, worn, tatty, some still with felt nailed onto them! I think I shall keep a few, and sell the rest. The heaviest weighs about 6 kg!


  1. Okay Lois, what goodies did you discover? These are amazing! What textures and what wonderful props! BRAVO..regards, Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa, your blog looks wonderful! I had a great morning, nothing completely spectacular, one of my French sellers was clearing out quite cheaply, so I got some nice 'workaday' vintage cottons, a few interesting silky pieces, 1 beautiful tapestry woven wool bedspread c1900-30, I shall list that on Thursday. I also got some gorgeous gold, silver and bronze metal trims, really thick and textural, photos to be posted on the blog very soon! I must confess to getting distracted by an Art Nouveau lamp and a large, really heavy Victorian terracotta bust - both French - the bust probably once adorned a grave. I couldn't afford them, but couldn't resist either, so I have to sell a lot of textiles this week!

  3. Fantastic, Lois. What a brilliant find - and your reply to Lisa sounds full of exciting things. Time I checked your auctions again!

    Sue x