Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Stitch in Time

I usually list most textiles on ebay on a Thursday, so today I had the usual exceedingly difficult job of deciding what to part with. The trouble is, although when I go to fairs I am buying textiles for the business, I tend to forget that and imagine that I am buying for myself... Of course this makes for a constant struggle about what to sell, but at least I get to keep things for a while before they have to go...

Today's selection have been chosen for the website as well as for ebay. There is a lovely 19th century flowery French boutis, a tiny military hat tin, a gorgeous poppy design chintz-covered box and an interesting French hemp sack for the website, and among other things a wonderful 1834 sampler, 2 beautiful embroidered French chair covers c1800 and whatever else I can rustle up between now and tomorrow evening. Decisions, decisions! All should be listed by the end of Thursday evening.

Morgaine Le Fay Antique Textiles


  1. Oh, how I would struggle to part with any of these things, they are all so lovely. Is the box going onto your website or ebay? ... I find boxes hard to resist! Abby x

  2. Hi Abby, it is so very, very hard, but the bills must be paid...The box will go on the website, hopefully tomorrow (Thursday 24th) Lois xxx