Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Help! Is this a 70s Biba patchwork quilt?

I think this vintage '70s velvet quilt might be Biba, does anyone recognise any of the fabrics? It has the same kind of vibe as the original Biba poster from 1974, the colours are dark but muted, with Victorian, Art Nouveau & Deco inspired patterns. It is huge, 2.54 meters or 100" square, the patches are enormous, see the photo including my hand for scale, the simple but large scale of the piece makes it look and feel very opulent, but very dark and sultry. If you have any ideas or info, please let me know. I have always had a thing about Biba, but we were very poor when I was growing up, so high fashion wasn't an option for me until I discovered charity shops...


  1. I recognize the photo, but I do not recall the quilt. Perhaps you have an original!

  2. I frequented Biba from its shop in Church street Kensington, then High Street Ken and finally the ill-fated takeover of Derry and Toms department store. I can't remember seeing such quilts on sale, though it is possible. It was very dark in-store! The colours seem too sombre without relief to me as Barbara Hulanicki often threw in yellow with brown for instance. And I'm not sure about the floral patterns. But it still looks a terrifically attractive quilt and perhaps someone else can authenticate it which would be wonderful.