Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Rustic simplicity with homespun linen, checks, roses & romantic toiles

Cheerful checks, romantic roses and toiles mixed with rustic linens are the perfect way to brighten things up as the days steadily grow longer and sunnier. I was just about to post this when the doorbell rang, it was the postman delivery a lovely new French quilt, the prettiest tiny toile print in gently faded raspberry on pale cream. It is the top quilt in the photo above. I am thrilled, many thanks to Jo from Hesta and the Pugs.


  1. Beautiful toile screen....I have a small framed piece of the same it is nice to see the rest.
    You really can't beat a mix of toile, floral, checks and rustic linen...timeless.
    Julie x

  2. I agree, a timeless look, but so very practical as well as pretty!