Thursday, 25 November 2010

Exquisite silk ribbonwork embroidery

This is a beautiful embroidered cushion cover. I have come across this type of delicate work once or twice before, but don't know a lot about it. The roses are worked exquisitely from fine silk ribbon, dyed in different shades to produce a glorious effect, the rest is daintily embroidered and couched by the look of it. I am guessing the work to be late Victorian or early Edwardian, so late 1800s to early 1900s, but I am not sure.

The background silk is quite damaged, mostly around the edges, yet the embroidered decoration is almost immaculate, with the deepest, most sumptuous, unfaded colours! So many textiles from this period are very faded, or have a desirable patina of age, but lovely though the effect of age is, it only hints at the look of the original piece, whereas here, we can see it clearly.


  1. Thank you for sharing - this piece is simply stunning! The color combinaiton, the gold work and the stump work give it a real elegant feel.

  2. not stump work it is silk ribbon embroidery.exquisite and beautiful.