Saturday, 30 October 2010

Re-stocking the 'Plethorium'

I have just changed over most of the stock in my small antiques unit in Lewes' 'Emporium Antiques' shop, here are some of the things, some beautiful pieces of antique and vintage costume, glastone bags and cases, a beautiful toile covered screen, some French Art Nouveau lamps and more. There are more textiles, pictures and stained glass still to go in when I have time.I really enjoy stocking my little 'shop', one day I would love to have a whole shop of my own, I may well be aiming for that goal sometime in the future!


  1. It all looks beautiful...your space looks so inviting and interesting!
    Stella xx

  2. Hello, nice to meet you.
    What a wonderful fabrics you have, wonderful.
    In May I came to Lewes nell'antique emporium
    and we return in April, I hope to meet you!
    Congratulations Susy

  3. I love your blog so I am sure I'd love your shopette. It's like rolling in delight looking at those fabrics.