Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Beautiful Patched & Darned Antique French Corset

This antique French corset has been covered in tiny patches and darns, it must have been a treasured garment owned by a woman who wasn't able to replace it, so kept it in shape through mending. I am not sure how old it is, maybe dating to about 1900. The boning is made from horn. This came from a disused French rag store, so it wasn't even thrown away at the end of its life, but sent to the rag man. I adore it, and am starting a small collection of patched and darned antique garments; with our society's entrenched throwaway, shopaholic values, this kind of garment and its cultural resonances fascinate me.


  1. I adore it too....what stories it could tell!
    Julie x

  2. Oh I love patched garments too. Just looking at the tiny stiches and fragments of material used to mend a loved piece conjours thoughts of the women that done the work.
    I was working on a piece of patched work
    ( a 1880s baby gown )for my solo art exhibition when you put this on so I think yours should be in my exhibition too LOL.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece.