Thursday, 13 August 2009

A Potential Shabby Chic Laptop Cover!

Well, preparations are afoot for M going away to University later in September. My brother - computer genius, bless him - and I have sorted her out a beautiful Macbook laptop, she is thrilled, well, it is lovely, I wouldn't mind one myself! But being a mum, of course, I started to worry about it being bashed about in a bag, so I suddenly decided to make a case out of the remains of a cutter quilt I bought from The Snug in Ashburton earlier in the year! M loves feminine, shabby chic fabrics, and the colours here are just right, the quilting will make a good protection to the laptop as it bumps around in her bag... I hope!
I am not someone who sews very much, I always admire the creative skills of others as my fingers are quite clumsy, and my eyesight not so good these days as I approach 48. But, with this project, I think all I will have to do is cut a rectangle to the right size plus seam allowances, aand then make a sort of envelope affair with flap, perhaps trimmed with ribbon and lace.
I shall post pics in a week or three when it is done, it is looking good in my minds eye, but we shall have to see, perhaps I can start a new fashion for 'Shabby Chic Laptop Covers'...


  1. How lovely and lucky your daughter is to go off in such fine fashion. These could be marketed, Mum!!

    Will look forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. Hi Lois

    You might have to hone your sewing skills as I can see you being inundated with orders!!

    Sue xx

  3. Goodness me. Now I feel a little daunted! I shall do my best to make one, who knows, I may be able to make a few from different cutter quilts! Thank you so much Sue and Phyllis for your encouraging comments! xx

  4. Hi Lois. I was comtemplating doing the same for a 10" Dell I ordered. I thought I'd get a basic neoprene laptop sleeve for cushioning and attach the fabric to that.