Friday, 14 August 2009

Time to Turf out the Ticking...

Those who know me quite well may be aware that I have developed a rather strong obsession with antique French toiles & florals of late... This has led to me ignoring some of the other beautiful fabrics and textiles in my stock room, as my attention has been constantly fixed on the above! However, it shouldn't just be a duet of toiles & florals, rather a trinity of textiles: toiles, florals & tickings! Their plain, elegant and practical charm is often over-looked in favour of the more blousy, 'look at me' florals, or the classic, romantic and historical toiles.
Here are a few of the tickings, either cotton, linen of a mix of the two, striped, checked or damasked, plain weave or herringbone weave, that I will be sorting out to sell over the weekend.

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