Sunday, 5 April 2009

Gardening and haberdashery

I got out into the garden today, it was gloriously hot and sunny! I have planted some wee salad crops, onions and the first batch of pototoes. The cat was amazed, once he had got over the shock of me trespassing on HIS territory, as he sees it, he enjoyed the company as he tried desparately and failed miserably to catch butterflies...

I have begun to sort out some haberdashery, and will list on ebay next week if I get the time. As it is the end of the tax year, I have to do my accounts, and I am not very good at it, so will be using any excuse not to do them. I really love the large rolls of metal-woven French ribbons, they were a real find! Such wonderful colours.


  1. We were gardening yesterday in parallel! How are all your lovely old peonies these days ... I always remember they were outrageous. Your photos are stunning as ever.
    XXXDevonian HugXXX

  2. Hi Sweetie, good to hear from you! Sadly, the peonies deteriorated, I think there was something wrong at the roots, we have 1 bush that looks as if it may come up this year, but the rest of that bed is noe for herbs and vegetables. I am glad you like the blog, and that you are well and happy! I will give you a bell at some point, xxx