Friday, 27 March 2009

This is one of my most treasured textile pieces. It is so damaged, especially in the central panel, but isn't it gorgeous! A small chair seat panel of French Aubusson woven wool tapestry c1750, a lot of the wefts have split and rotted, but most of the warp is still sound, so in theory, it could be fully restored! These pieces are quite rare to find, and cost really silly prices when in good condition, so I treasure this one. The colours are really yummy, look at those roses! I must get it properly framed at some point.

I thought I would share this pretty embroidery with you, as it may sell next week. I have had it a while, and love it to bits, and would love to keep it, but that won't pay the bills! I listed it last night on ebay, but with a decent reserve, so I may still get to keep it... It is French (or possibly Belgian), dating from the mid to late 1700s, so pretty early! It has been wonderfully worked in wool, gently faded over time to give such wonderful muted colours.


  1. Always beautiful and interesting textiles on your blog Lois! I can see why the chair cover is a favourite...the roses do it for me!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Me too! One day, I'll find a perfect piece... xx