Sunday, 15 February 2009

Yesterday, I went shopping...

I am really pleased with the embroideries I found yesterday, they go so well with the antique, shabby chic quilt panels at the back of the picture (quite damaged, but I will be listing some cutting panels of these soon). I will find it hard to part with any of these...

The miniature cushion made from Victorian paisley needlepoint and fine gold metal bullion fringing is so sweet, a real accent piece, the pink Victorian beadwork and needlepoint panels have irridescent outliner beads, really bright, no rust as you often find on Victorian beadwork.
However, my favourite has to be the long, heavy, hand stitched Victorian wool floor runner covered in shells, coral and flowers, it reminds we a little of contemporary Berlin woolwork carpets, but much more unusual. Finally, the tiny evening bag is exqusite, it has been made from 'micro-petit point' - I don't know if thats the correct term - it seems to describe it well, the teeniest stitches I have ever seen, about 28 stitches per inch, very 'Aubusson' in style, a wee bit of damage, but nothing too serious.

Off to a local carboot sale now, who knows, I may find more interesting bits and bobs!

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  1. Yes...definitely some things I 'need' there! LOVE the fragments of quilts.