Sunday, 15 February 2009

Books for a Sunday

I have just had the most marvellous rummage through boxes and boxes of ratty, tatty old books at the carboot, and came home with a bag full of nostalgic gems, perfect to browse through and chat about on a Sunday while cooking a long, lingering Sunday Lunch (Leek & Potato Soup, partridge in a cream, cider and sage sauce with roasted rosemary potatoes and root vegetables, all topped off with baked apples stuffed with homemade mincemeat and brandy).

The 1940s Kenya settlers Cookbook is a veritable mine of treasure, Scottish, British and African cuisine drips from every page, I spotted a great recipe for fig jam that I will try when figs are in season.
The 1930s Linen-backed Ordnance Survey maps of Dartmoor etc will make attractive and useful gifts for my friends who have recently moved there. I am visiting them for a few days later this week, so, perfect timing!
I love the other 3, very pretty, my daughter Morgaine has already stolen the butterflies book...


  1. Hi Lois

    I still have my own copy of A Child's Book of Prayers which I was given about 55 years ago!! I can't put my hands on it just at the moment but I think there's an inscription. I just can't remember now whether it was Mum or my grandparents who gave it to me. The illustrations are gorgeous, aren't they.

    Love your latest ebay listings!!

    Sue xx

  2. It takes me back to the world of my very young childhood where life was still defined by the religious calender, Sunday school, prayers before meals and at bedtime, Easter, Harvest etc, a very different society from today, but not necessarily better...