Monday, 13 June 2011

Six fragments of 18th century French woolwork & tapestry

I bought a lot of good stock from a recent fair, here are my current favourites, a good batch of French textiles c1750: 2 strips of tapestry - 1 typical Aubusson with roses, the other of unknown origin which needs more research (I have photographed them next to each other to see how different they are in style & structure)- and 4 woolwork chair seat or back panels. The condition is mixed but not at all bad for their age, all are still bright and vibrant, wonderful examples of this type of early textile. The woolworks are worked in a mixture of grospoint or petitpoint tent stitch or varying sizes.

My favourite detail is the stags at the bottom of the vase of flowers, I think I will definitely keep this one and try to find a suitable frame to protect it from moths!


  1. These are all very fine fragments, and some are most interesting too. As you have mentioned, the colours are still wonderful in some examples, especially when you consider the age of them.
    I have several very old samplers, the best have been framed behind glass. I think you should do the same with the stags, it is a beautiful piece. Abby x

  2. So beautiful I love the faded colours
    Lynn xxx