Sunday, 1 May 2011

To Celebrate May Day!

I am not at all religious, but love traditional religious symbolism, and am very drawn to that of The Green Man, symbolising growth and rebirth, an appropriate and beautiful image for May Day or the Festival of Beltane.

The fabric is a fragment of beautiful 19th century French printed cotton furnishing fabric used to upholster a bed's head & footboard, the carving is a small piece I bought about 18 years ago at a medieval festival in Rheims in France. It has been hand-carved out of English oak by a lovely man whose name I am afraid I have forgotten. Finally, my interpretation of The Green Man is a simple tapestry weaving made from wool that I spun, dyed from natural dyes such as madder, indigo, weld and onion skins, and wove myself about 17 years ago.


  1. I agree Lois, beautiful images. We have a green man plaque by our front door as my hubby is a Pagan. I love the French cotton in particular it would have been very striking used on a head and foot board of a bed.
    Jo xx

  2. I think the image resonates with me as I love nature and it's 'circle of life'! Happy May Day Jo x