Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Riot of Colour and Texture: Indiennes, Tapestry & Needlepoint

Summer seems to have arrived too early here is the UK; mind you, I'm not complaining, but April in the UK is usually filled with Spring sunshine with that slightly crisp edge reminding us that we still have 'April showers' a-plenty to come before 'May's Flowers' as the old rhyme says. Yesterday was a different story though, 25C at Ardingly Antiques Fair; I was a little ill-prepared, and ended up getting a little sun-burnt and dehydrated and had to leave early, but before the heat overcame me, I managed to find some real treasures: some lovely fabrics including a couple of chintzes & indiennes (I suspect the yellow one is from Jouy), a Berlin woolwork panel depicting a playing card theme and an older Chinoiserie panel in fine tent stitch and a pair of gorgeous cushions made from 18th century tapestry fragments. Note to self: Drink more water and have breakfast before going to an all day fair...


  1. I made that mistake once at a very hot and sunny Newark and came home empty handed. So glad you managed to get these wonderful textiles... definately worth getting all hot and bothered for! Abby x

  2. I agree, the colours are amazing, perhaps I was drawn to them as a direct result of the blazing sunshine ;-)