Sunday, 9 August 2009

An Interesting Batch of Haberdashery

I have been sorting through lots of boxes of bits and bobs that have been tucked away for a while, and was really pleased to find all sorts of interesting antique and vintage haberdashery items. I will be listing lot of these things on ebay in the next few days if I can find the time, but I thought I would post a few pictures of some of it before it all goes.

There are old French metal tassels attached to tricolour fabric, they were probably curtain ties, there is French tricolour ribbon, but made in England, some pretty little scraps of lace, some lace making linen threads, mother of pearl buttons on cards, and much much more. All would be useful for projects, or for sewing baskets. I hope you enjoy looking at these pretty items. I can never resist these sort of things when I see them at fairs and sales, but I only have so much storage space, and can't keep it all!


  1. Hi Lois

    There's a saying in our household going back to when my Mum was a child "I want doesn't get", which is a shame, because ... I want ... !!!!!

    Sue xx

  2. the tassels are to die for!

  3. Love the labels on the skeins...when are you selling those (I just bought some lame ribbon from your Ebay site)? Gorgeous stuff!

  4. I shall be listing most of the things in the pics from Monday onwards. Watch out, plenty more to come...! xx