Thursday, 3 March 2011

The trees begin to blossom & bud as Spring begins...

It is another gloriously sunny day here despite the cold, crisp temperatures, Spring is indeed here at last! One of my favourite things about early Spring is the tree & shrub flowers that suddenly appear just before their leaves start to grow. The stark contrast of the fragile blossoms against the bare branches look incredible, but just for a day or two before they are over-shadowed by the rapid growth of new leaves.

Here are a few of the French things I am selling on my website & ebay this week including an enormous cretonne garden sunshade, a tree-covered portiere and quilt, and some pieces of pre-used 19th century fabric for projects.


  1. The garden is just starting to wake up again after our long winter. Your beautiful 19thC floral fabric reminds me that in a few months my borders will soon be filled with crimson Peonies... wonderful to cut and fill the house with too.

  2. Oooh, crimson, how lovely! I have a few delicate, palest pink peonies that fade out to white as the flowers open out more and more. One of my favorite flowers!