Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Plethorium of M. Le Fay

I have a small unit in Emporium Antiques Centre in Cliffe High Street in Lewes where I enjoy selling interesting things, often quite curious or quirky, or items that are too big or awkward to sell through my website Morgaine Le Fay Antique Textiles. I like to completely change the look of the unit with the changing of the seasons, and am having fun planning the Spring 'makeover' which I have decided will have a loose travel theme, with old leather suitcases, trunks, maps, French metal oil cans & containers, as well as plenty of wonderful, fresh spring-inspired antique & vintage textiles. Here is are a few of photos of the Plethorium as it is at the moment, more photos to come of its new look sometime over the weekend, hopefully!

Emporium Antiques Centre
42 Cliffe High Street
East Sussex

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