Thursday, 24 February 2011

Superb examples of the Art of Fly Tying with metal embroidery threads

Eduard Kovalevskiy is an incredibly talented craftsman practising the age-old art of Fly Tying from his home in Ukraine. I am really pleased that he has chosen to use some of my vintage French gold & silver embroidery threads to embellish his amazing work! Here are a few examples of his glorious creations, miniature works of art with so much thought, skill and creativity going into every detail.

Eduard was 2010 U. S. Open Fly Tying Contest winner (Freestyle Fully Dressed and Reader's Choice categories) and second in 2010 World Tuscany Open Fly Tying Competition (Salmon Fly Fully Dressed category).

People like Eduard are keeping traditional skills alive while adding their own individual creative flair to the genre. I especially admire Eduard's dynamic use of colour and the way the tiny feathers are layered. Wonderful stuff!
Please click on each photo to see the detail in the supersized pictures.

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