Friday, 25 February 2011

The latest exquisite creation from The Old Pretenders

I am very lucky that David & Paul, The Old Pretenders, have allowed me a sneak-preview of their latest English Wooden Doll, who is dressed in early silk that I sourced for them. I have quoted from their previous blog post here, as David can describe the process far better than me:

'Hello everyone: I have been working on a new larger doll for quite a while and her dress for weeks that's just about drove me crazy but sometimes those are the best in the end. It has been quite a difficult doll and even more difficult of a dress, even though it's deceptively simple in design but none the less, extra difficult to make and fit to perfection. I insist on a bodice and stomacher to fit like a second skin on all my dolls. The dress is made out of a piece of the most wonderful 18th century reverse sateen true silk damask fabric I got from England last year or the year before from our good friend Lois. I love this piece of fabric and its one of my all time favourite colours which I had been looking for, for many years. Its that amazing 18th century citron yellow which is seen in a lot of 18th century dresses in museums but nearly impossible to find. Its SO soft and shifty and thin so its very difficult to work with and requires twice as many undergarments to support the dress. Of course the nature of the fabric makes the drape of the dress wonderful and the puddling effect of the fabric in the train I love as well.

Also, being a solid colour, every detail has to be perfect or mistakes would show. You can't hide anything like you can with a patterned fabric.
Everything had to be lined and backed to give some body but its really amazing now that its complete. The stomacher took me days to make but it is constructed like the antiques and I even carved and sanded super thin tapered bones out of bamboo for the stays / boning in the stomach which you can see through it.....'

They will shortly be posting more amazing photos, do visit their blog, The Old Pretenders, it is one of the most fascinating blogs around at the moment if you love textiles and/or dolls.

Please click on the photos for supersized enlargements to really appreciate the detail.

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