Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Joy of Vintage Clothes Part 2

It seems people enjoyed my last post, thank you for your lovely comments. Here is a little more in the same vein!

I have always loved fashion photography as an image seen through a talented photographer's lens can be a work of art, and can inspire all sorts of alternative ideas about the way we dress. I have included pictures of Kate Moss photographed for Vogue by Mario Testino in 2008, these are a couple of my favourite pics at the moment, the top one would be unwearable, but a perfect advert for quirky vintage style, with the trousers made from a vintage Union flag! The last shows how perfectly masculine jackets compliment floaty, feminine dresses.

I have always enjoyed 'dressing up', so here is a photo of me doing just that at a Medieval Fayre in France in the early 90s.
Here is another vintage military jacket, this time a scarlet Mess jacket, teamed with a man's cotton dress shirt with embroidered front panel from the '70s. I love men's vintage dress shirts, they are long, baggy & very flattering, and can be worn over jeans or long skirts, or tucked in for a neater look. They are also wonderfully loose and cool in the summer.
I like to team up different fabrics, so the combination of a long green silk velvet vintage 70s dress, saffron hunting waistcoat & 60s tartan jacket looks great, very 'Miss Marple', especially if teamed with a vintage Trilby.

On a slightly dressier note, one of my only vintage 'posh frocks' is a velvet Chinese-style tunic in garnet velvet , lined with floral silk dating from the 1920s. Lastly, a gorgeous theatrical costume , a silk frockcoat in an 18th century style found very cheaply at an antiques fair last year. I wore this to a Christmas party this year!


  1. I love the silk frockcoat, and it's mix of fabrics...and there's another photo of you looking like it came from a magazine editorial! It's all fabulous!
    Stella xxx

  2. Lois! When you walk in the door they must whisper, "Look here she is! Oh look what she is wearing!! Don't you love to invite her. She adds so much style and elegance and fun to our parties!"

    I could read these posts day after day and never tire of them. And there you are again on the pages of a fashion magazine in France this time. So very pretty and enchanting you are. You probably got all sorts of looks from men and women. Well I think you should have been a model.

    The clothes you showed are great. The color of the Chinese style velvet is so gorgeous, and so is that incredible silk frockcoat. Oh if only you could take me shopping sometime!! Thank you again for this fun and playful and inspiring post.

    P.S. I just left you a very, very long comment at your other blog, but when I went to post, it would not let me publish it. I find that when I cannot sign in as a name as well as my url I can never be successful posting on blogs. I have lost so many of my comments this way and then I just give up on even trying. I noticed that on this blog I can sign in as I mentioned above so that is good. Thank you, Lois. Sorry for all the post script boring technical stuff!

  3. I agree with you both, the frock coat is gorgeous, it will be kept for special occaisions! I think it was made up around 1920, but the silks used are far older. Thank you both for making me smile, your compliments are fulsome and lovely. xx

  4. Are you going to do a Part III? It seems I can never get enough...like a spoiled child yearning for more candy!