Sunday, 31 January 2010

Antique & Vintage Haberdashery

I was up bright & early this morning, well, brightish & earlyish, and caught the bus to Brighton Marina for the weekly car bootsale. I had recieved a call the night before from a favourite dealer in French textiles telling me they were going to be there, and they were having a fabric sale, so I was really looking forward to it! Sadly, when I arrived, most of the bags of said fabric had been left behind in when they were packing the van.

As she was explaining, I spied a few boxes full of French haberdashery thaty had been packed, and once I had rummaged through the boxes, my finds easily made up for the lack of fabrics! There were beautiful lace samples with original labels, various cards of buttons including metal & mother of pearl, shelf trim, braid, hair grips in their original packaging, an unused pack of lingerie elastic with a gorgeous Art Nouveau label, gilt shoe buckles and more. Once I arrived home, I sorted out some other bits, English needles, gold braid and an unused roll of black French Deco hat banding etc. All will go with me to Lewes next week, to re-stock my cabinet in the Ciffe antiques Centre, it will look really pretty with all these treasures on display.


  1. Hi Lois

    What a fabulous collection. It certainly made up for the lack of fabrics!

    Sue x

  2. It certainly did Sue, but I hope they will have a nothe Sale, and remember the fabrics next time... Thanks for the invites to the textile fair, will try to arrange to meet coral halfway xxx