Friday, 23 October 2009

Charleston, Bloomsbury in Sussex. Part 3, the Church

Sorry about the long wait for this post, but here it is, not many words from me, the paintings within the decorative scheme speak for themselves in volumes. The interior of Berwick Church was designed and painted by Duncan Grant. Unlike charleston farmhouse, where one can only take a guided tour, and has to make sure nothing is touched or leant upon, this Church is open to the public, with no staff to supervise. It was a very liberating and inspiring experience to stand and gaze at such a larger than life devotional decorative scheme.


  1. Such beautiful images and art and so a la Duncan Grant. Aren't the colors exquisite!! I hope these are protected though from vandals or people being a little too curious. They are really paintings that should be preserved. I must get there one of these days. Such a treat to see these, Lois. Thank you so much for this post that I have eagerly awaited.

  2. They are gorgeous! There is CCTV there to protect the pieces and a warden, I think, but mostly, they rely on respect for the Church and artwork. Human nature can rise to it sometimes, thank the gods! xx