Friday, 10 July 2009

Classic French Decorative Embroidered Linen Shelf Trims

I love the homely, simple look of French antique and vintage linen shelf trims, or mantle runners. A really cheap and very cheerful way to brighten up any shelf or mantlepiece. All that was needed was offcuts or recycled pieces of linen or cotton, a little skill with the needle, and plenty of imagination! I like the rustic look it adds to my dining room shelf, the pretty pink baskets of embroidered flowers soften the visual effect of the deep black slate of my chiming clock (it never chimes the right number of rings for the hour, but that is part of its charm).

I had a brief buying trip yesterday, and bought plenty of pretty antique and vintage textiles for the ebay shop. Among them were these pretty French shelf trims, these are in lovely condition, and date to the 1930s through to the 1950s I think. The linen is heavy, rustic and unbleatched, the embroidery skillfully worked in fantastic colours, in gorgeous designs!


  1. Hi Lois

    They're gorgeous ... time to pop over to ebay again methinks!!

    Sue x

  2. I'm keeping the top one for myself, it is perfect for one of my french cupboards!