Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bloomin' Brilliant Bootsale!

I dragged myself rather reluctantly out of bed this morning to traipse down to the new bootsale at Brighton Marina. The famous bootsale that used to be held at Brighton Station finally closed down a few months ago, and this is the new venue. Well, after a few fruitless visits over the past month or so, with lots of mumbling and grumbling, saying things like 'It'll never be the same or as good', I was pleased to find it as wonderful as it used to be, just a wee bit different. It just takes rather longer to get there - a half hour bus journey each way as opposed to a twenty minute walk - but it was sunny and bright, and packed with all sorts of interesting people and things! I was able to stock up on some gorgeous French tickings and florals, I bought a lot of wonderful vintage French gold and silver metal braids and threads, and some gorgeous white linen French Victorian-era blouses for myself. I am glad I got up early this morning!


  1. Hi Lois

    What amazing finds. I'm having shopping withdrawals at the moment, having had no opportunity to visit a carboot for well over a year. Admittedly I bought well at Shepton last week, but that's last week's news!! Must try and get a Sunday off ...

    Sue x

  2. And that was a car boot sale?? I've never seen such riches at any of the booties here...plastic toys a plenty, but antique French fabrics? No chance!
    How lucky you are to find this stall Lois - I'm sure you didn't know what to buy and what to leave behind...the dramatic black/rosey fabric is gorgeous.

    Happy hunting next weekend,
    Niki x

  3. It is a wonderful bootsale, I would recommend it highly to anyone on a fine Sunday morning at Brighton Marina, from 5.00am - 12.00!