Saturday, 7 February 2009

Some beautiful antique textiles that I have recently sold.

A gorgeous, huge panel of hand-embroidered Japanese silk. It was made up into a curtain around 1920, but the embroidery probably dates a little earler.

Here we have part of a panel of woven Persian silk from the early 1800s. It is very faded, but still really beautiful.

A French chateau curtain panel in a wool & silk mix. It has a beautiful texture. I am not entirely sure of the age of this panel, it could be anything from 1900 through to 1940.

A more recent panel of French aubusson tapestry c.1880-1900.

A small chair panel of French Aubusson tapestry, quite a lot of damage, but this can be restored at a price. It dates to around the early 1800s.

This was a French Aubusson-style fausse tapisserie, or imitation tapestrie, printed onto a tapestry-woven fabric. It dates to around 1890.

A small part of a heavy, tapestry woven, wool chateau curtain panel, again from France, dating to around 1920-40.

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