Thursday, 17 November 2011

Patchwork packs of antique florals and toile & metal trims for a vintage fair

I had a lot of fun today - well, it was work really - sorting out small patchwork packs made from 19th century fabric scraps and 2m lengths of metal trims for a vintage fair my sister and I are doing the weekend after next. I love my job!

I will also be selling plenty of vintage clothes including some vintage furs, lingerie, top hats and more, photos should appear here soon when I find time...


  1. Such loveliness. Where is your vintage fair - more details please!

  2. Here is the facebook link for the fair! I hope it works, if not, the fair is from 10.00 on Saturday 26th November at Rottingdean Village Hall, Park Road, Brighton, East Susssex

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