Thursday, 19 May 2011

A superb fragment of 18thc French embroidery on wool c1750

This small fragment of embroidery on blue woolcloth is deceptively simple, plain horizontal rows of tent stitch (I think, I am not very good at identifying stitches) in wool and silk creating a complex illusion of 3-dimensional naturalistic flowers insinuating themselves around a beautifully carved architectural column. This tiny (approx 12" by 24") slightly moth-eaten fragment is wonderful enough, I can only imagine what the whole panel would have looked like, I think it was a large tapestry-style wallhanging for a chateau or large house. It dates to about 1750 and may have been produced by Aubusson, or to imitate Aubusson tapestry as a slightly cheaper alternative. I sold this piece a couple of years ago, but can still enjoy its beauty to some extent through photos in my library.

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