Thursday, 9 December 2010

The heart of the home, especially in the weeks before Christmas!

The Kitchen is the heart of any home, especially in the cold winter weeks leading up to Christmas; it seems a natural place to congregate whether you want a cup of tea and a chat, sympathy when needed, or simply to warm yourself by the range! Through the Advent Calender door today, a wonderful period interior, my dream kitchen in fact... Perhaps I should write to Santa!

Toile de Rouen 1825


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  2. These advent pictures are great but the subject matter today is a little bit un-celebrationery. It is about severed fingers (Les Doigt Coupes). Methinks the victim is in need of more than tea and sympathy...

    Keep 'em coming though. They are now one of the first things I look at each day in the blogosphere.

    Regular Rod

  3. Bless him, he was making a toy boat! I'm sure he will be okay with a hug, a kiss and a mince pie! ;-)