Thursday, 1 July 2010

Hemp, Glorious Hemp!

Each of these wonderful paper packets tied up with string containd half a kilo of unused hemp sewing thread, 10 balls in each with beautiful labels. The thread comes from Lille in France and probably dates to about 1900, but thread like this has been used for hundreds of years. Finds like these are a real thrill to me as they are filled with cultural significance, everyday thread for everyday uses, nothing fancy, just good, strong, practical thread for domestic use.


  1. I was very interested to see the lovely balls of hemp thread which are now so difficult to find and especially so that hemp is quite clearly going to be a top eco- product. It had a very good mention in the Telegraph Sunday Magazine, listing the many uses - building, cosmetic, food, medical, etc., while all the while actually improving the quality of the air and soil while growing and needing no chemicals and very little water I am also following a story about exciting possibilities for the finest fabric in wide widths for sheets which will be a winner if it comes off - a long time ago a doctor told me it was the most healthy of all fabrics for old and young to sleep in as it wicks away moisture from the body while in bed and this prevents the bedsores which can make life so horrid for long-term patients. Of course the US has not cleared up its connection with the different dope hemp so there are restrictions in different States and it has not yet got proper recognition.

  2. How fascinating Elizabeth! I love French hemp sheets, and always use them ever sonce discovering come huge, rustic beauties when I started textile dealing years ago. I hope the new interest in hemp takes off, we need lots of new ideas and uses for natural, sustainable, re-cyclable and biodegradable products.