Saturday, 22 May 2010

Feeding my Haberdashery Habit...

I can't help it, something about buttons & braid, ribbons, thread; haberdashery of all types, shapes and sizes has always fascinated me and I have to buy it whenever possible, just to own, ogle and possess... I don't even sew...

Becoming a textile dealer has been quite 'telling', as I have discovered that this is an addiction, a strong compulsion rather than a simple attraction. I am very good at convincing myself 'I am buying it for the business'... I can go a week or two without purchasing haberdashery, but any longer than that, I start to get a bit twitchy, and I know the time has come to source some more. Luckily today, one of my favourite haberdashers was at a market I visited, and I walked, or should I say staggered away under the weight of enough vintage French haberdashery to keep me going for a while. Well, a few days, at least!


  1. Oooh, lovely--I have a box just like that DMC one in the 5th photo :)

  2. All perfect Lois - are any of those pink rolls of ribbon/tape up for sale or are you squirreling away the lot?

    Are you doing well in your new unit? Hope so!

    Sue x

  3. Hi Sue, I have some of the pink rolls in the ebay shop at the moment. The new unit is doing well and lots of fun, I must do a blogpost on it again soon! I hope you are having a lovely holiday weekend! xx

  4. Such yummy devine images!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the one with all the delicous ticking!

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