Monday, 5 April 2010

Carpe Diem

Here is another short piece written by my daughter, her blog account isn't working properly for some reason, we may have to cancel it and start again, so I thought I would post here so she felt less frustrated, as we are both quite ridiculously bad at sorting anything out to do with the computer... For some reason, it isn't connecting her blog with here google account, photo or email so that if she tries to follow otheres, it doesn't connect with her page, thus isolating her from any kind of blog contact. If anyone has any ideas how we sort this out, please let me know!

In the meantime, here is M's latest sketch, I tried to get a link here to her blog, but it wouldn't work, so please see the sidebar for 'The Persian Slipper' to use the link.

Carpe Diem

The hot midday sun cast dappled patterns of light and shadow on the forest floor as a small brook babbled away, sunlight glinting off its rippling surface. A moorhen strutted along the bank, stabbing occasionally at the ground in search of food, uttering its soft plaintive cries to the surrounding woodland. The leaves of an overhanging willow tree trailed in the water, and a fat brown trout swam lazily through the weeds, coming to the surface to snap idly at passing mayflies.

The tranquility was broken by the sound of running feet. The moorhen took off in a clatter of wings as a ragged man came crashing through the trees and splashed through the stream, trying to rid himself of the ropes that bound his wrists cruelly together. Casting a terrified glance over his shoulder, he ran onwards, staggering slightly with fatigue. Crimson as he was with the effort of running, the sound of his pursuers behind him drained the colour from his face. Sobbing with fear and gasping for breath, dodging round trees and bushes, he blundered desperately on.

Finally reaching the edge of the forest, he paused for a moment, listening intently. A slow smile of relief suffused his face as he could hear no sound of the hunters. He had escaped! Glancing swiftly around to take his bearings, he took off across the grassland.

All of a sudden his stride was broken. He gazed in horror at the point of the arrow which appeared to have grown out of his chest and a trickle of blood escaped from the corner of his mouth. His knees buckled, and without a sound he fell. He didn't hear the heavy footsteps approach him, or the mirthless laugh as the arrow was forcibly wrenched from his body and thrust back into its quiver, still dripping. His body, unceremoniously dragged, was abandoned at the fringes of the wood, leaving his sightless eyes to stare up through the lacework of branches, hands still bound as if in prayer. As the sounds of the assassins receded into the distance, the outskirts of the forest became peaceful again, with only a spatter of cooling blood on the lush grass to show that death had visited the woodlands.


  1. "Powerful" is the first word I hear when I read her writing...she creates such strong feelings and imagery with just a few paragraphs.

    I hope her blog problem is easily resolved...occasionally I notice strange quirks with my blog, but they usually straighten themselves out within a day or two. Sometimes it's because Google and Blogspot are the same, internally, and the error is resolved from within, without my interfering.

    Have a great week!
    Stella xx

  2. Definitely a writer that draws you in and keeps you captivated until the last sentence. I am curious about her goals. With this kind of talent, will she write fiction or will she decide to follow a journalistic path? I think she has innate talent, so I am guessing her mom must have read her a lot of stories when she was young and encouraged a love of reading and books.

  3. I agree Stella, I think she could go far with a lot of hard work and dedication, she certainly has the talent!

  4. Hi Phyllis, you are spot on there, our favourite thing right from when she was a toddler was reading books together, then when she read The Hobbit (and everything else she could lay her hands on) by herself over and over again at 6 years old, there was no stopping her! At the moment, she wants to eventually write fiction, but is considering some kind of journalism (cookery, country crafts, farming etc)to keep things ticking over while she writes. Thank you for your beautiful compliment, she blushed when I read this out to her! x