Thursday, 11 March 2010

An Interesting Day of Eccentricity - The Steampunk Hidden Market

The Marlborough Pub & Theatre in the heart of Regency Brighton, in sight of the Royal Pavilion, was host last Sunday to an interesting event that I had the pleasure and honour to attend - The Steampunk Hidden Market & Cabaret.

Steampunks or Neo-Victorians are a group of eccentric & very creative people who have an interest, among other things, in the Victorian aesthetic and how it can potentially interact with and influence modern technology, for example, a functioning laptop computer that looks more like a Victorian cash register. There is room here for a lot of very exciting creativity, with Victorian items being customised or adapted, and worn with elegance and pride. I found it very inspiring, as I have always mixed Victorian clothes with modern in my everyday dressing. I think I may have to take it a bit further, perhaps a customised top hat will be the next thing!

Most of the pieces in the photos above were made by Peter, see 2nd to last photo, who applies his unique talents, ingenuity & imagination to creating beautiful objects, both useful and beautiful, here is a link to his website: The Three of Clubs.


  1. Wow , that sounds and looks like a great show. Wish I had been there. Love your blog , I am a textile historian as well as a collector and maker so its right up my street. I must take the time to put on some of my antique textiles. Mine are mostly stitched or embroidered although I do have lots of printed silk scarves. Oh this collecting bug is bad sometimes !!!

  2. Hi! Welcome to my blog, I am glad you like my blog, I used to make things, headresses, masks, historical costumes, weavings etc, but I moved into collectiing and 'providing' for creative people, if you know what I mean...

    I will be watching your exciting blog with interest, those cloth & clay doll-bodies look very interesting! x