Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Vintage French Plates Galore!

I love to use antique and vintage crockery etc in the kitchen. I love cooking and find it all the more pleasurable when the food is cooked using old fashioned pots and pans with ladles and wooden spoons, then served on gorgeous old pieces of mis-matched china against a background of vintage runners and tablecloths. I was thrilled to discover a batch of gorgeous vintage French plates at a fair recntly, and then pleased to see some quite similar plates on the cover of the latest edition of Country Living Magazine.

They look very stylish in the magazine picture displayed on the wall, and would look equally as good on the shelf of an old fashioned dresser, but to me, they look far better on the table, piled high with delicious home-cooked food, surrounded by hungry diners...

Some of the plates are for sale, so please let me know if you are interested!


  1. Plates are my passion too. I often hang them on the walls. Many remind me of old textile florals. I agree with you that I would much rather cook with old than new and eat with a variety of dishes than the same matching set.

  2. I must get some plate-hangers, because I have run out of dresser-shelf space, and still have some pretty flowery plates I would love to display, as they are a bit too chipped to use. Lovely to hear from you, I hope you had a great time in New York! xx