Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Slugs & Snails & Puppy dog's Tails

Here is a selection of 'kids & cats & dogs' as represented in late 18th century & early 19th century French printed cottons. They are mostly idealised images, the animals and children sweetly drawn to look innocent, homely & wholesome. It is also interesting to note that most are simple, rural scenes but they have been idealised, the harsher side of peasant life has been masked with a veneer of charm and rustic simplicity. Most of these fabrics were used for middle to high class domestic furnishings, bed curtains & valances, window curtains etc, so it would make good commercial sense to appeal to an enduring love of such imagined images. This has been and still is a common theme in art & imagination throughout history.


  1. wonderful textiles as always... see you at Ardingly..xx

  2. Let's keep our fingers crossed for some dry & snow-free weather! xx