Monday, 8 February 2010

The Deserter - Toile de Nantes c1780-90

A recent aquisition, a small French pelmet made from a linen cotton mix, hand stitched and quilted, lightly batted with fleece, a madder dyed monochrome toile de Nante. Apparently it is called The Deserter, but I don't have a reference to it in any of my books. I really like it, Sapper my military historian friend thinks it may depict a tale from the Seven Years War - 1756-1763 - perhaps a conflict between the French & English within this war that involved all the major Europen powers of the period. In fact it was described as the first 'World War' because of its global nature. I like the dramatic depiction of the rearing horse ridden by an officer seizing the deserter.
All in all, an unusual piece, perhaps with more to reveal after further research.


  1. Such amazing pieces you share with your toile finds. By the way, what is the story with this lovely pink fancy dress off to the side? Is it a vintage piece that you own?

  2. Its a gorgeous '50s ball gown I bought for Morgaine, but it didn't fit, so I sold it a while ago! It was really beautiful, a fairy princesses dream prom-gown...