Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A beautiful William & Mary reproduction English Wooden doll

Regular visitors to my blog will have seen & enjoyed previous posts about the incredible dolls that my friends David & Paul from Canada restore and make. Here is their latest doll, an exquisite reproduction, meticulously researched, one would easily mistake her for a genuine antique from the William & Mary period, a classic 'English Wooden'. Her face is really beautiful, enigmatic and knowing, aged to perfection, they truly are a uniquely talented creative partnership.

I am particularlly thrilled to share photos of this doll, as she has been dressed entirely from fabric that I was able to supply, the striped late 18th or early 19th century French cotton makes the perfect gown, and the linen trimmed with lace provides a beautiful cap, slips and 'bum-pad', giving the gown its wonderful fullness.

Thanks again to David & Paul for letting me share their work with you. Happy New Year, may it be filled with peace, joy, health and prosperity for all. Lois xxxx

Please click on each photo to appreciate the amazing detail.


  1. This doll is gorgeous, hard to believe its a reproduction, it looks exactly like the genuine article! love it :) xx

  2. Happy New Year, Lois. What a treat to see one of these dolls again. I absolutely love them. It must be quite special to supply all the textiles for one. I love the shoes too. I don't they have a website? Looking forward to another year of your wonderful and beautiful posts on your two blogs.


  3. Many thanks for your lovely comments Morgaine & Phyllis, Happy New Year to you both. I am always thrilled when David & Paul share news of their latest creations with me!

    Phyllis I am afraid they don't have a website at the moment, I think it is something they want to organise at some point. If they do, I shall most certainly post a link here. Thank you too for your marvellos blog, I shall look forward to your thoughtful & thought provoking insights and wonderful reflections on textiles in the coming year! xx