Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Most Beautiful Dolls in the World

I recently sold some 18th century silk to a couple of Canadian chaps for dressing antique dolls. They sent me some photos, and I knew I had to share some of their outstanding, and exquisite work! David & Paul make incredibly realistic reproductions of 17th & 18th century English wooden dolls, and dress then in clothing made from authentic antique fabrics and trims from the period. As you can see, the results are quite simply breath-taking. They are also commissioned by museums and private owners alike to restore and repair very rare original dolls from the period! This isn't an area that I know much about, but I know what I like, and these are some of the most beautiful uses to which I have seen 'scrips & scraps' of antique textiles being put.

If you are interested in more about the original dolls and their restoration, I shall be posting on my other blog, Interesting Antique Textiles soon.

As if all that talent wasn't enough, Paul dresses antique French fashion dolls, as shown in the last few pictures! His training in fashion shines through in these examples, these costumes are immaculate, superbly cut and tailored, with a wonderful feel for coloul, texture, weight and balance. What a feast no, Fifteen Course Banquet for the eyes, thank you David & Paul of Old Pretender Dolls.

Please click on the pictures to see supersize photos that really show the wonderful detail here.


  1. Gosh, you were right when you told me about these dolls, they are really amazing!
    Lizzie xx

  2. I am glad you have seen them, tell you friends!!!

  3. Hi Lois

    I know you said they were wonderful, but this surpasses all expectations. What a talented pair they are. Fabulous!

    Sue x

  4. David and Paul24 July 2009 at 13:06

    Thank you to all for the lovely compliments on our work. We really appreciate it.
    Best Wishes: David & Paul

  5. Thank you David & Paul, what can I say? Your amazing work speaks for itself in volumes. A real pleasure to share. xxx

  6. There are even more lovely photos over here. Yes, this is the perfect use for some of these very old textile pieces. What incredible creations they have made. I love the color combinations too. True art.

  7. ditto all the comments above and more, how lovely Lois, that your fabrics etc are put to such wonderfully creative use :o)
    These dolls are at the top of my ever growing wish list lol!