Saturday, 18 April 2009

French Pastoral Romance

I am sure by now it must be obvious what type of textiles really get me excited, and quite frankly, this one ticks most of the boxes! I was in the County town of Lewes today where I keep a couple of small cabinets in antiques emporiums, which gives me the perfect excuse to browse the antique shops on a regular basis. One of the sellers has had this wonderful textile as a display piece for a year or so to compliment their wonderful antique French furniture, but I found it for sale today, and couldn't resist.

It is a beautiful worn and shabby panel of antique French ribbbed cotton, repeat printed with the most exquisite pastoral vignette. It imitates the beautiful hand woven Aubusson tapestries in style, and most likely dates to around the mid to late 19th century. It has been pieced together in the typical French way from 3 pieces of fabric, it is quite faded and a little foxed and darned in places, adding greatly to its beauty and charm! The colours are wonderful, and detail of a very high quality.


  1. A stunning panel of fabric, Lois...I agree with all that you say! I love the flower garlands dripping down.
    Its good to see some beautiful faces on the characters too - so often on the old French toile de jouys they are quite scary!

  2. I agree with you Niki, most of them are either very formidable dowagers, or sinster looking young women! But please check a post I will be making in a day or two, as I bought some wonderful toile panels with really beautiful faces at Ardingly yesterday and will devote a whole post to them, I haven't seen such beautiful designs before.
    By the way, I really enjoyed your post about your trip to Bath, it takes me back to the early 80s when I was a regular visitor! xx

  3. Hi Lois

    That's another one I shall covet! Gorgeous.

    I hope to take some photos this afternoon - fingers crossed!

    Sue x

  4. Wonderful! I shall look forward to them. You never know, I may be able to part with a wee panel for you... xx