Monday, 9 March 2009

Roses & flower fairies

What a wonderful weekend! The weather was beautiful most of the time, so I finally managed to get into the garden to begin the arduous task of digging over the beds ready to start planting up with vegetables for the kitchen over the coming year.
Hard work, but very satisfying, there is nothing to compare with eating fresh salad or peas from their pods straight from the garden.
I am not a very good gardener, I do nothing at all over the winter, and then work in fits and starts, making it up a bit as I go along, but it usually comes together, even if the garden always looks tatty - I can never seem to keep it under control, but perhaps that is how it should be...
Pics and details to follow once it looks a little more presentable!

Among other things to go into my ebay shop this week is this beautiful panel salvaged from a very damaged antique French quilt. It is double sided, with wonderful florals and roses, so it could be a difficult decision which side to use, but fortunately, the quilting stitches can be carefully unpicked, and the fabrics removed from the fleece batting. Once washed, nearly all the quilting holes will completely close up, leaving 2 wonderful panels for Spring sewing projects.

Later in the week, I will begin to list little batches of gorgeous,original 1930s Flower Fairy prints. I found a few Cicely Mary Barker books at a market on Saturday, unfortunately, they had lost their covers, had been scribbled on and were falling aprt, so I have removed the prints for framing, we are keeping our favourites, and I will frame a couple for My daughter Morgaine to take to her Halls of Residence when she goes to University later this year..
When Morgaine (pronounced Morganna, and pictured above) was wee, we used to sing the poems together instead of reading them at bedtime, come to think of it, we sang them all again when I arrived home with the booty on Saturday! And she is 18 now! I think we still both believe in fairies a wee bit...


  1. Fabulous fabrics and a gorgeous daughter. I'm so glad you explained the pronunciation as I often wondered! I now have those fabrics I mentioned, but have gone down with the lurgy, so it'll be a while before I can do anything with them other than look and stroke!

    Sue x

  2. People often wonder about how to pronounce it, there are many ways, for example, my ebay shop is simply pronounced'Morgan'...
    The fabrics must be beautiful if you are stroking them (although to be honest, I often find myself doing the same, textiles are a very strong addiction!), I can't wait to see some when you feel better. Get well soon, Lois x