Monday, 23 February 2009

The bleak beauty of Dartmoor (and Jeremy Brett).

Well, I'm back after a short but wonderful break in Devon, spending quality time with best friends. The moors still bore traces of snow in the sunshine, vast, bleak and incredibly beautiful. We spent a wonderful Friday evening pouring over old maps of the area whilst quaffing local beer and some good French red, discussing obscure topics such as the history of the tin mines, tramways etc. We rounded off the evening watching 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' starring the legendary Jeremy Brett (sigh!). A real treat, a perfect winter's evening.

We also visited a few lovely little towns, and was thrilled to find quite a few antique textiles, including some very elegant tapestry woven panels, more floral tapestry and a cutter quilt in the prettiest toile pattern. Watch this space for some photos soon!


  1. I thought this was John being all last century and moody, then realised it wasn't!!! For a moment I imagined you all dressing up being all olde worlde!!!

  2. I like it! But of course, John would love to dress up and be all 'olde worlde'!