Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Antique French florals, tickings and ikats

Some of these fabrics have sold, the rest will be for sale in a month or so. All French, all beautiful!


  1. Hi Lois

    I'm sure I need the red and white in the bottom left-hand pile. Fabulous, as all your textiles always are. And as for the photos in the previous post - all those buttons and ribbons and ... and ...

    Sue x

  2. I agree with Sue...All fabulous...wish I lived nearer to Lewes...
    PS: I tried to find you on eBay, but no luck....did you know that you could add your eBay link to your blog's sidebar, so that people can find you easier - just a suggestion and it may help generate more sales!

  3. Hi Niki, I'm glad you like the fabrics! I shall try to add the ebay link soon, but my computer skills are quite poor! Still, I can but try. I shall take a look at your blog now! all the best, Lois x